20 August 2011

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a day-to-evening look for Nina Garcia. Oh snap - I want one of these guys to cry. She's a little picky during the sketch consultations, but no tears. Damn.

Anthony Ryan and Becky choose the same patterned fabric. Fabric Showdown!! When Nina comes through the workroom, it's the Nina I love - picky as hell, freaking out the designers and putting doubts in their minds. "Do we have a Plan B?" "Are there any other textiles?" AHAHAHAHA! There's a ton of last minute work, designers helping other designers, and gluing. Gluing is never good.

Joshua's dress doesn't at all look like something Nina would wear. Ick. I loved Anthony Ryan's and Kimberly's looks. Danielle's and Cecilia's were godawful. Anya's jumpsuit was wonderful. Julie was colorblocking like it was the 90s; that housecoat was ugly as hell. Bryce can't execute an idea well to save his life. Viktor's black dress was structured and gorgeous, but it was just a safe-ish black dress. The judges end up being fine with that so YAY - I love Viktor.

Winner: Kimberly. Yay! That gold top was perfection and soooo Nina!! And when they show Nina wearing it later, it's absolutely fabulous.

Bye-bye: Julie. Yeah, that was overdue and we're only a couple weeks in. Didn't see much improvement on the horizon. Look at this picture - even the model looks depressed about having to wear this.

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