09 August 2011

Project Runway

Challenge: Design an outfit using materials found in a pet store. But no live animals. If I never hear "wee wee pads" again it'll be too soon.

Since Bert has immunity, he plays it safe and uses a lot of fabric-like stuff. He's fussy, and doesn't want to play the unconventional challenge game. He's not long for this world, I fear.

Viktor's wee wee pad dress is really pretty; I like how he did the dyeing. Anthony Ryan's birdseed dress looked good - it had texture and pattern to it. Bert's thing was atrocious; thank god he has immunity. Bryce's wee wee pad dress was horrific and just looked like a ton of napkins thrown up on a skirt. I didn't love Olivier's dress like the judges did. I thought the skirt made his model's butt look huge, though I did love the top (but wasn't the top all doggie-bed, and therefore too fabric-like and conventional?).

Winner: Olivier. Whatever!

Bye-bye: Josh C. Wow, I'm surprised Bryce got by with the wee wee pad explosion. But yeah, Josh C. clearly had some taste issues.

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