07 August 2011

Breaking Bad

We open with Mike riding in a truck full of Pollos meth batter. The truck is stopped and shot to hell by a couple guys with automatic weapons. Mike lays low and survives (with only a nasty shot to the ear) and shoots the two thugs when they open the truck. Looks like someone has it out for Gus's operation.

Skyler can't sleep because she's too busy plotting out their entire cover story; she even goes to Gamblers Anonymous meetings with Walt for research. Better yet -- she's making Walt learn how to count cards for real!!! OMG! Brilliant. Skyler approaches it as she would a short story (remember when she was a wannabe writer?) as they prepare to "come clean" to the family. It's hysterical. Bryan Cranston rules. I love this show and its sitcom tendencies.

Hank breaks out a little something for Walter and Walter Jr. -- a DVD of Gale doing karaoke that he got from his case file. He's laughing while Walter looks like he wants to puke. I hope full video of Gale doing karaoke is on the DVD extras. (Update: it's here!)

After the confession to the family, Walter excuses himself -- so he can go through Gale's case file in Hank's room. He sees the crime scene photos and the notebook, but has to stop looking once Hank approaches. Walter gets Hank to talk to him about the case -- Hank thinks Gale is Heisenberg -- while scouring the notebook for any clues that might lead back to him. Hank notes that the notebook is dedicated to "W.W." - OH SNAP!!! Walter quickly covers that it must reference Walt Whitman, the author of the poem Gale recited and wrote in the notebook. That Walter White is GOOD (sometimes).

Walter goes to Jesse's house - and this is the first time he's seeing the crack den it has become. He tells Jesse that the police found fingerprints at the scene of Gale's murder and he presses poor Jesse for details on the night. Jesus, Walter, you're killing me. I hate you again. Jesse kicks him out (or, more accurately, pays a couple crackheads 100 bucks to kick him out).

Walter goes to Saul with his issues instead, freaking out about how much danger he's in, freaking out that Jesse will be caught or that Gus will be afraid Jesse will be caught and take care of Jesse himself. And freaking out that Jesse has "actual hobos" living in his house. After making sure his own name has never come up in the investigation, Saul lets Walter know that, when the time comes, he knows a guy who can help the Whites disappear. The paranoia continues at the lab, where Walter watches the surveillance camera follow Jesse.

Back in the crack den, Jesse leaves his money lying around way too much and one of the druggies has his eye on it. He also appears to still be skimming drugs from the lab. NO! He comes home, sees the entire bag of money is missing, and goes back to playing video games with a skank. Ugh, I want to slap him and hug him at the same time.

The next morning, Mike comes to Jesse's house to wake him up. He kicked everyone out, except for the guy who stole his money. (I'm guessing Mike's been watching the house and saw the guy take the money.) Jesse just takes his money and goes back to bed. This is not good; Mike reports back to Gus that Jesse is a liability that must be taken care of.

When Jesse doesn't come to work, Walter goes looking for him, only to find an empty house and Jesse's abandoned cell phone. Then he goes back to the lab and asks the surveillance camera, "Where is he?"

He's with Mike, driving. Mike: "You wanna ask where we're going?" Jesse: "Nope."
The end. Mothereffers.

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