06 August 2011

Monkey Movie

Seriously, I can't stop randomly shouting, "Monkey Movie!!"

It was brought to my attention that I should have a rating system of some sort. I'm thinking of "Awesome Movie," "Best Movie Ever," and "No But This Time I Mean It, Best Movie Ever." And of course there's "I've Seen Worse" and "Utter Crap." On that scale, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is an Awesome Movie.

I didn't expect to like it, really. The trailers looked pretty corny and it's the kind of movie that could easily venture into awfulness. But it was getting overall good reviews and the motion capture stuff I saw at Comic-Con made me want to check it out. Meanwhile, I barely paid attention to the motion capture stuff, which I suppose means it was done really well.

The movie plausibly sets up how Earth could become a planet of apes. Really. The lead monkey, Caesar, goes from being adorable to a real asshole. But who can blame him; humans suck. The only thing really missing from this movie was more violence. Let's face it - chimps are freaking brutal. They rip off faces and balls like it's nothing. I wanted some ball-ripping. But we didn't even get implied ball-ripping. It's largely bloodless. But still with a good revolt from the monkeys and a couple shocking moments that I won't spoil but are awesome, and brought a literal hush over the audience. I like when that kind of crap happens.

The Monkey Movie was the Best Movie I've seen this month.

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