13 August 2011

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a look for a girl on stilts. No lie. It's the Bizarre Costumey Challenge. And it's a team challenge - randomly drawn teams of two. This was the runway I could have attended if I had woken up early enough in NYC!

Bert's a Debbie Downer. He takes literally (and challenges) everything that Viktor says. Bert's bothering me more and more. He's difficult to work on a team with; it's painful. He's passive-aggressive and bitchy as hell. Which of course means it makes good television. Jesus, Tim Gunn doesn't want to hear your whining.

Anya and Olivier are a dream team, but their outfit is just OK. Josh and Julie chose an amazing pattern for their pants. Fallene is a sewing tard and botches the bodice, so Bryce has to whip something up last-minute, and it's essentially a tank top. Fallene literally makes nothing but the headpiece. Dumb bitch. Cecilia and Danielle made a matronly look that wasn't helped by the god-awful hair. Laura and Anthony Ryan's red outfit was amazing.

Meanwhile, something is all jacked-up because Cecilia and Danielle are in the top? What? All of the top outfits were the most normal-looking - non-costumey and ready-to-wear (if you're 100 feet tall). So I guess the judges have a point; were they not supposed to be so over-the-top? I loved Kimberly and Becky's jacket/pants combo too. But I stand by Cecilia and Danielle's thing being awful. Yuck. Bert and Viktor made bad curtains. And of course Bert is like, "I didn't create this; it's not mine." Ass.

Winner: Laura, who made the fabulous red outfit with Anthony Ryan.

Bye-bye: Fallene. And thank god too because the headpiece was the only part of the outfit the judges liked, so I thought she was almost off the hook. Bye, sweetie, go back to cutting hair with your cute Pixie self.

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