07 August 2011

The Challenge: Rivals

Oh god Michael and Paula are hooking up and MY EYES! THEY'RE BURNING! Gross. There are crabs loose in the house, but not the kind you think. They're even in Mandi's room. Appropriate.

Challenge: Blast your hanging partner with a fire hose, prison-riot-style, so that they move back toward giant razors that will then cut their rope and drop them into the water. Giant razors -- what could possibly go wrong? Tragically, there are no beheadings.

Losers: Cara Maria and Laurel, who want to go up against Jenn and Mandi. But Jasmine and Jonna are the newbies, so they have to go in. Why does everyone protect Jenn all of the sudden?

It's Pre-Jungle Clubbing Time and that only means trouble. Jenn's offended that Cara Maria thinks she's having sex with Adam and gets all up in her face and slaps her. That Jenn, always classy. I'm loving that Cara Maria and Abram are still dating; they're sweet together, in a weird way.

The Jungle: Football-style tackling your opponent, forcing them outside the circle. The whole house is on Team Fiery Black Chicks because they hate Cara Maria.

Bye-bye: Jasmine and Jonna. Though they may be fiery, they're also weedy, and they're easily runover by the bigger girls.

For the next challenge, they're all heading to Buenos Aires. I hate these people so much.

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