21 August 2011

Breaking Bad

We open like we did a couple weeks ago, with the interior of a Pollos Hermanos truck. This time it's not Mike, but two armed guys inside. They're ambushed again, but instead of being shot up, exhaust fumes are fed into the back of the truck until they die. The ambushers know just what they're looking for - the marked batter bucket that contains the meth.

When we last left Walter, he couldn't keep his whore mouth shut. Now it's the next day, and Skyler has done her research on Gale while Walter was passed out. Walter wants to treat the meth business and home life as "church and state," but of course that's not going to be good enough for Skyler. She's worried that he wants to be caught, and she reiterates that they need to go to the police if he's in danger. Walter awesomely puts her in her place, tells her to STFU, and says that HE'S the danger, that he's the one who knocks on doors. Oh god, he's such a phony, emasculated, condescending prick; I love it. When Walter gets out of the shower, Skyler's gone. She stays gone overnight too, and the next day Walter's out with Junior and buys him a car. A brand new sportscar. Because of course Walter wants to prove himself to be the man in his son's eyes. Bastard.

Jesse's still working his second job with Mike, which tonight involves keeping him company at a diner. Jesse's got some withdrawal symptoms going on, so Mike nicely shares his dinner. OMG, these two, seriously - love it! Forget that Gucci Zen rehab - the Mike method is going to stick!!

Walter is sooo hot and bothered over Jesse's new standing in the company. He just wants subservient Jesse back so - once again - he can feel like The Man. He tells Jesse that he thinks the whole thing is a setup by Gus, that he's trying to drive a wedge between them. Goddammit, man, let Jesse feel good for 10 seconds!

In the lab, the phone rings. It's for Jesse. He's called out on assignment and Walter's left to clean up. Walter tries to get some laundry ladies to come downstairs to help him. They initially don't want to, because I'm sure they're told never to go downstairs, but he convinces them/bribes them to do it. So he freaking pours himself a cup of coffee, toasts the camera, and lets the ladies do the work. Jesus, this whole thing is one giant chess match. I love it.

Gus rewards the ladies with a bus trip back to Honduras.

Mike and Jesse are watching a house that's suspected of holding stolen meth. Jesse's not one to just wait around, so he goes to the house "looking to buy." It doesn't work, so back to Mike's original plan - 90% of the job is waiting. But no, Jesse's still not satisfied and he's gonna get those guys to come out - "I know meth heads." He gets the shovel from the trunk and starts digging in their yard. A junkie comes out to see what he's doing. "Digging." Jesse uses his Meth Whisperer skills and gets the junkie to take over the digging. Once inside the house, Jesse has a bit of a standoff with another unstable, gun-toting meth head (Dewey Crowe!), but knocks him out with a bong. He and Mike find a Pollos batter bucket and there's a message written in Spanish - "Are you ready to talk?"

Gus stops by where Mike and Jesse are having another romantic dinner. Jesse goes outside so the big boys can talk. Mike wants to hire 10-15 guys to hit back hard, but Gus wants a Cold War. He's willing to set up a meeting. When he leaves, he tells Jesse he heard he's been doing well. And says that he sees things in people, when Jesse asks, "Why me?"

While Skyler was out, she visited the Four Corners and threw a coin, which landed in Colorado twice. But she kicked it over into New Mexico and returns home. She wants the car gone, because of course it doesn't fit in with their story. "Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family." BURN. This bitch is officially Carmela Soprano.

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