06 February 2013


Let's play a game called, "Is Something Going to Happen in This Episode?"

Winona's pregnant ass makes an appearance. For 4 minutes.

Arlo's brought in to the Marshal's Office to answer questions on the Drew Thompson case.  Drew Thompson being that guy they're hunting for from decades ago that I couldn't care less about and don't see the point of.  They're looking to make a deal with Arlo to find out about Drew Thompson in exchange for his freedom.  Jesus, he killed the State Trooper and gets to go free?  Raylan doesn't want that, so he decides to try to find Drew Thompson before Arlo can make that deal.

Meanwhile, Wynn Duffy is meeting with FBI Agent Ned Ryerson and a Theo Tonin guy in the Duffy-mobile.  Ned and the Tonin guy are BFFs and Ned has been protecting the Tonin guy for years.  Drew Thompson shot and stole from Tonin back in the day, so Tonin wants his ass.  Tonin's guy ends up shooting Ned in the head.  R.I.P. Needlenose Ned.

So Boyd's War Buddy lost Ellen May, but lies to Boyd and says he killed her.  Wynn Duffy visits Boyd and offers him cash to find Drew Thompson.  What's Boyd, a P.I. now?  I'd watch that show.

Raylan tracks down the little thief girl who stole the bag from Arlo's and started this whole convoluted mess.  Her stepdaddy told her to steal it, so Raylan visits him.   He tells him Drew Thompson's with the Hill People.  That sounds ominous.

Raylan walks up the mountain to find the Hill People, who greet him at gunpoint.  They throw him into a room... where Boyd awaits.  Tim and Boyd's War Buddy are both waiting for their respective guys at the bottom of the mountain.

Raylan and Boyd's lives are spared because Raylan's mother is the cousin of one of the Hill Women.  Can't kill kin.  She tells them Drew Thompson isn't there anymore, but is in Harlan.  Raylan handcuffs Boyd to a tree and goes off to find Drew.

Ellen May's hiding out in the Sheriff's office and the Sheriff wants her help in bringing down Boyd Crowder.  And Wynn Duffy is still working with Cousin Johnny to eventually take out Boyd.  I hate Cousin Johnny.

OK so still nothing has happened.  But I really liked the Hill People bit, plus Raylan and Boyd being reunited.  So there's that.

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