27 February 2013


So I always watch Justified on DVR-delay because 10:00 is past my bedtime.  Well, overnight, my Twitter feed blew up (OK, so it was really just my brother-in-law) with how awesome the episode was.  Damn, it's about time.  So I avoided the internet all day and I remain unspoiled.  Other than knowing there's lots of death coming.  Let's do this!  I want my show back!

Raylan goes to see Hunter, the old Sheriff who tried to have him killed and then went on to be the dad on The Killing.  Looking for Drew Thompson.  Again.  Some more.

Hunter tries to kill Arlo, but Arlo is a tough old dude and beats him up, beats a guard (to death?), and then is stabbed in the heart by Hunter.  Now at first I thought Hunter was killing him so he can get his deal instead?  But Raylan had offered it to Hunter.... so was he killing him to keep his mouth shut in general?  Let's hope they dumb it down and spell it out for me. 

So Boyd's being forced to kill that guy for those Rich Old Dudes.  Instead, he meets with Targeted Guy and tells him the deal, hoping the guy will pay him to not-kill him.  He doesn't. 

Wynn Duffy pops by to see Boyd to apply more pressure about finding Drew Thompson.  Boyd says he has 2 possibilities - why doesn't Theo Tonin just kill them both? 

Meanwhile, Ellen May's talking to Sheriff Shelby, coming close to telling him she's seen Ava kill Delroy.  And Ellen May - or, more likely, someone pretending to be her (*cough*Johnny*cough*)- is texting Boyd's War Buddy, blackmailing him for $20,000.  Which he steals from the drug dealer he's been seeing, after killing him.  Tim's Recovering War Buddy is in the drug dealer's house at the time, so of course he ends up with a bullet to the head too.

Arlo's not quite dead yet, but is expected to be soon.  Raylan eventually goes to visit him, still asking about Drew Thompson.  Arlo's last words to Raylan are, "Kiss my ass."  Jesus he really is a son of a bitch.  Was.

A cop (really a fake cop hired by Wynn Duffy) kills the Targeted Guy and one of the rich old kinky dudes.  Boyd made him do his dirty work -- nice.  When Wynn Duffy figures that out, with some help from Asshole Johnny, he's pissed.  The cop comes for Boyd, "arresting him" when Raylan comes by the bar.  Raylan's suspicious because he's been with Shelby and Shelby knew he'd be there and Shelby didn't say anything to him about arresting Boyd.  The cop threatens to shoot Raylan and draws - NICE TRY, ASSHOLE.  Another one bites the dust. 

Boyd's War Buddy leaves the $20,000 where the Texting Blackmailer tells him to put it.  And yeah, it's Johnny.

Theo Tonin's #1 guy calls Boyd and Boyd smooth-talks him. Then Boyd meets with his Rich Old Dudes to celebrate the death of the Targeted Guy, and then to let them know that he knocked off another of their friends too.  And that Boyd got Tonin to tell all the judges and cop buddies not to deal with the Rich Old Dudes anymore.  "I am the outlaw," proclaims Boyd.  Boyd wants $300,000 and a Dairy Queen franchise.  No shit.

Art makes Raylan take a week off because Arlo died, but he doesn't want to get kicked off the Drew Thompson case.  Raylan whittles him down to 2 days.

OK, so 56 people died.  But you can't placate me with that, show.  Keep up the good (better) work!

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