20 February 2013


Remember that black dude (Jodi) that Raylan caught earlier this season?  Like the first episode?  Well, he got away after Raylan turned him over to his bounty hunter GF.  Shot and killed her too.  Oops.  The guy helping Jodi is from Mad Men, right?  Hard to tell because he looks so different.  But yeah, it's him.  The cool funny guy.  You know the one.

Jodi hella toys with Raylan.  Like, it's ultra-random (like most stuff this season) -- his Mad Men friend is a filmmaker and has Raylan watch a movie where he threatens him.  It's weird.  So Raylan heads to his bar/house and Jodi's there waiting.  Tries to pull on Raylan.  Nice try, dummy.  Raylan shoots him dead.  Duh.

Swinger's Party Time!!  Or as Ava calls it, Rich People Sex Party time!  Boyd immediately develops a fan club and holds court with a couple of the old rich guys.  The guys want Boyd to kill a guy who is screwing them over in a land deal.

Raylan goes to see Daddy in jail to find out who Drew Thompson is, but Arlo tells him to eat shit.

Johnny finds out from his No. 1 Whore GF that it was Boyd's War Buddy who hit her, and that he was looking for Ellen May.

And that's all we got.  Not enough actual swinging for me!

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