13 February 2013


So I guess this has just become a Justified blog now, on account of nothing else is on (or I gave up watching everything else) and I just can't abandon this blog.  Even if Twitter and Facebook are way easier.  Some day I'll bring this thing back....

Meanwhile, nothing happens on this show so what the actual hell.  It's The Drew Thompson Wild Goose Chase Hour.  There's a lot of awesome dialogue though, particularly of the Boyd Crowder variety.  Boyd and his gang are looking for that Drew Thompson guy for Wynn Duffy.  Raylan's also hunting down Drew Thompson, via that annoying teenage braceface.  Her stepdaddy's foot was cut off (on account of him having a house-arrest-ankle-bracelet) and he was taken by 2 hillbillies working for Boyd's attorney.  (Huh?)  Stepdaddy was taken because they think he's Drew Thompson, but he swears he's not.  Raylan busts in just as stepdaddy's getting cauterized.  Stepdaddy says that if anyone knows where Drew Thompson is, it'd be that dirty cop from way back in Season 1.  The one who went on to become the dad on The Killing.

Boyd's War Buddy gets high and is desperately trying to find Ellen May AND more drugs.  He's also beating up hookers and then the guys who take the fall for him beating up hookers.  He's freaking nuts.

Meanwhile, Tim's getting roped into something with a recovering addict veteran buddy of his.  Tim's brought along as security when his friend goes to see Blossom's oldest brother.  Pretty sure that was him. 

Finally, Ava thinks that the "in" to get them more info on Drew Thompson is an invite to the old Sheriff's swingers' party.  Seriously.  Poor Ava's got an attack of conscience over thinking Ellen May's dead.  Boyd confesses to her that he's been stashing away cash... for a house.  And he asks her to marry him.  I swoon. Man, I love me some Ava and Boyd!!

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