12 May 2012


OK, I'm sober and it's a beautiful morning.  Bring on what is sure to be a crazy, emotional season finale of Fringe.

William Bell brags to Walter that he's building his own universe. They're on a barge and Bell has a God/Noah's Ark vibe going on.

The chick from Lost is being followed by September and calls Olivia and Peter. When they get to her house, they find a crumbled hole in the floor.  But they're called away to the hospital, where Astrid is in surgery for her gunshot wound.  Astrid's all broken up because she lost Walter.  :(

Olivia and Peter head to the warehouse and September is there, with the chick from Lost, who is holding a gun on him.  She shoots at September, but he catches the bullets.  So she uses a gun invented by Bell (it shoots faster than Observers can catch), and gets September in the chest.  Then she shoots at him again and Olivia's superpowered ass catches the bullets and flings them back at her!!!!  PWNED.  R.I.P. bitch!!!!  September wanders off to investigate the future, or whatever it is Observers do.

Peter and Olivia bring Dead Bitch back to the lab for "questioning".  And a giant needle through her brain.  Ick.  Nina brings the tech and they get to it.  It's the craziest dead-person-interrogation ever.  The chick kind of reanimates, but her eyes move all over the place and her facial muscles twitch and it's creepy as hell.  Cree.  Pee.  She tells them Bell is on a boat, and is going to collapse/rebuild the universe using some energy source.  Olivia grabs her and sends electricity through the room.  Olivia is your energy source, ladies and gentlemen.  She's Magneto or some shit, resonating an electromagnetic field.  So all that nonsense last week was really just part of the activation process, so Bell could get Olivia's mojo working to his advantage.  I'll allow it.

The team locates the barge and heads into the universe destroying/creating storm over the ocean.  The barge isn't visible to Olivia and Nina, only to Peter, which means it's already crossed over.  Olivia has the ability to cross over, so she and Peter leap off the helicopter together and on to the barge.

Peter and Olivia bust in on Walter and Bell.  Bell's all, "I can't turn it off, Olivia's doing this."  So Walter shoots Olivia through the head.  Then Bell does his little ringing-the-bell thing and disappears from the universe.  The barge is now fully back in the regular universe.

Walter slaps a grieving Peter and says he can save Olivia because of her superpowers.  He digs a hole in her head, making an exit wound and driving the bullet through her head with a long radio antenna.  Oh god.  Enough with the objects in people's heads today!  The bullet pops out and her head starts to heal.

Broyles meets with the government, gets promoted to General and gets funding to expand Fringe Division.  Broyles offers Nina the job of running the science department. Oh and guess what - Olivia's pregnant.  That's no shocker really.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week:  No, that's not lemon jello, it's urine.  Thank goodness Astrid has some licorice to share with him at the hospital.

In the end, Walter's making toasted PB&J at the lab when he's visited by September, who tells him, "They are coming."  Pretty kickass finale, with typical resolution-but-not-really.  Looking forward to our (too-short) final season!!

This Week's Code:  PURGE

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