05 May 2012


OK.  This episode was weird.  It's not just me - I'm not drunk or anything this time.  It was oddly paced and confusing as hell.  Maybe because it's the first part of a two-parter?  So you don't know what the point of anything is yet?  I don't know.  I just wasn't feeling it.  And the show's been SO GOOD this season!  Whatever - I'll have faith.

Freak of the Week:  A couple dozen people in a public place start smoking from the mouth and head and then drop dead.  Everyone else in the area realizes that if they hold perfectly still, they won't be affected.  Walter discovers that nanites are responsible - transmitted through the escalator and then activated by people's movements.  Huh????

At any rate, that Australian chick from Lost is one of those infected and playing freeze tag, and the team takes her back to the lab to try to find an antidote.  When the chick gets all feverish, Olivia grabs her hand and essentially sucks the fever out of her and into herself.  Walter develops an antidote.  End of that.  Well, wasn't that easy.

In other news, Peter and Olivia are house hunting, and looking for a place with a nursery.  They're very sweet and happy -- so, you know, it's going to end badly.

David Robert Jones is responsible for unleashing the nanites, because he's responsible for everything.  But Walter thinks that William Bell is responsible for the design of the nanites.  And he's right -- Old-ass Spock is back, baby, and working with DRJ.

Nina insists that Bell died several years back, in a car "accident" after getting tired of suffering from cancer.  But Walter believes Bell visited him at the insane asylum since that date, and goes there to check the logs.

OK and then, as if enough weird, random shit weren't happening, there's this thing about a DRJ-controlled sunbeam.  I'm going to ignore this.  This was dumb.  Long story short, Peter and Olivia work to turn off the sunbeam, but then DRJ attacks Peter.  Olivia breaks out some telekinesis, controlling Peter's body and beating up DRJ.  DRJ disintegrates.  RIP DRJ.  What.
Walter's Food Thing of the Week:
Walter makes a lemon cake in an Easy Bake Oven.  A lemon cake laced with pig brain, because lemon cake is the best incubator.  And the pig brain helps him determine that Bell's fingerprints are on the visitors' log from the hospital.  See, now that I can accept more than a giant sunbeam.  But really - WHAT!?

OK and THEN?  When Astrid and Walter are tracking Bell? Astrid ends up getting shot in the back.  What the hell.  Whuuutttttt.

This Week's Code: POWERS.

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