27 April 2012


Let's all join hands in a prayer to the FOX gods, giving thanks that they have renewed Fringe for a fifth season.  Sure, it'll be the last season and it'll only be 13 episodes long, and it saddens me to think it'll all be over around this time next year, but at least the writers get to wrap up their story.  Well, wrap it up as much as you can on Fringe.  And hopefully we'll get one final, epic Comic-Con panel too.  The Fringe panels have always been great.

So we're back in the present this week, where the Peter Bishop Doomsday Device sits in wait.  The 2 Fringe Teams meet so Walter can explain that David Robert Jones is trying to get the universes to collide, destroying them both in order to create another universe that DRJ would control.

We then see DRJ operatives all over the world looking for different coordinates.  Then, at the same time, the people's veins get all poppy and the ground beneath them cracks.  Worldwide earthquakes, in both universes.

Olivia recognizes the operatives as fellow Cortexiphan Kids, who are being used because of the psychic link to their Alternates.    Peter proposes closing the Otherworldly Bridge to cut the link, which would be permanent and result in the Other Universe degrading again.  So they try another way first, getting a "good alternate" from the Other Universe brought to the lab so they can dose him with LSD and hook him up to Walter's crazy brain machine.  Olivia taps into the psychic link and tracks the "bad alternate."  They catch him, but earthquakes still erupt in other places.

DRJ has an army of Cortexiphan Kids, and he's convinced them that they're helping the Universe.  The "bad alternate" is no help, and gives them the slip, so the Fringe Teams decide the bridge must be closed.  Time to load Pacey into the Peter Bishop Doomsday Device.  The 2 Walters have a conversation about how Walter's afraid Peter will disappear when the bridge goes away.  It's awesome to watch the 2 Walters talk -- and I love how this Walternate isn't as much of an asshole as the Other Timeline one was.

Peter gets the machine going and then the teams say their goodbyes to their doppelgangers.  Lincoln decides to stay in the Other Universe.  Awwww, Lincoln and Fauxlivia.  I approve.  But OMG I'm feeling sad - is this the end of the Other Universe for us?  I'll miss it!

The bridge closes and only our team remains, including Peter. 

This Week's Code: ALIVE.

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