02 April 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes: Finale Part II

Sorry about that, folks.  My ass was brainwashed into thinking books were a good idea, and I was preoccupied with reading The Hunger Games trilogy in 11 days.  But guess what?  The third book SUCKED ASS so I'm out.  Back to normal.  No more books for me.  I'm so pissed I need to watch The Challenge NOW!  At least that's only 42 minutes long....

Everyone is awoken in the dark on the frozen tundra.  Their challenges include a nasty-food one, of course.  Diem's a vegetarian but has to eat some animal's head and a cup of blood.   But other than that, there isn't a whole lot to talk about.  The usual challenges.  Just in snow.  So they seem even more awful.

CT's the Big Disappointment this time around, as he's utterly exhausted and literally useless by the time a puzzle comes along.  It's a battle between CT and Diem and Camila and Johnny; I don't even know what happened to Emily and Ty.

Winners: Johnny and Camila.  Ew I hate Johnny.  But seriously - where are Emily and Ty?  Did they die and I missed it?  There they are -- I wonder how far behind they were.  Cuz seriously.  It seemed like 8 hours.

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