21 April 2012


Holy crap, the episode starts like a movie, with text telling us Observers seized control of humanity in 2015 and there was a huge uprising/resistance that barely survives.  It's 2036.  Whatever remains of the Fringe Team is there to police what's left of humanity.  The main agent chick (I'll bet money she's Olivia/Peter's kid, let's see...) has been searching for our Fringe Team, and they've just discovered Walter, all ambered up.

And holy crap all new credits!  And they're all about how people have no freedom or private thought, and also no joy.  LOVE IT!!  Most ambitious show on television.  Goddamn.

Broyles is still alive and in charge, old as shit, beholden to the Observers.  Nina's working with the future Fringe Team, wheelchair bound and rocking seriously awesome silver hair.  The future Fringe Team also has Desmond from Lost - so YAY! 

Anyway, Desmond and Agent Lady release and revive Walter.  He comes out hungry, what with it being 20 years and all.  Get him some licorice, stat!  Our Fringe Team had figured out how to get rid of the Observers, but then were encased in amber.  Walter's mind is a bit gone - he's even more adorably child-like than normal - so he's not entirely helpful.  The team has to get through the Observer-controlled city to get the piece of Walter's brain that Massive Dynamic has, so they can try to heal him.

Jesus, these Observers are real assholes.  What the hell made them like that?  Dicks.  Well-dressed dicks.

Anyway,  the new guys heal up Walter and get him working on his Observer-destroying machine.  The machine takes a building out of existence, and then Walter takes them to where his Team are ambered-up.  The Team consists of Astrid, Bell, and Peter.  Bell gets left behind off-screen, but Walter has his hand.  And it sounds like Olivia was dead in the resistance.  And, yes, Agent Lady is Henrietta (heh) Bishop.  Meanwhile, the episode just ends there.  This is the most ambitious show on television -- how do they get away with this stuff?  Cuz they're just going back to the present next week!  They're crazy!!!

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