14 April 2012


OMG this movie.  I only saw it because Mike wanted to, and I didn't really care.  Didn't really know anything about it, to be honest.  It is everything you think a space prison movie would be.  It's pointless.  Guy Pearce is awesome generally, and I actually liked him in this too, I just couldn't get over that it was him.  I think of him as one of the "better" actors and like he was maybe making this movie as a joke.

He plays the most unbelieveably snarky, masculine, quippy guy.  But there is bicep porn for days.  Bicep porn with bonus tattoo.  So that's all I looked at, really.  (Worth it.)  Phony-ass action sequences.  And OMG the villains.  Just over-the-top, complete with scars, milky eye, and Scottish accents.  How much more cliche can you get?

Whatever. Watch it on TV maybe.  And expect to have really, really snarky quips thrown around at an unbelievable rate.  Between crappy, PG-13-rated action sequences.

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