07 April 2012


Gene the cow is wearing a giant FBI jacket.  Has she done that before?  It's hysterical.  And then the hat comes out.  OMG love it.

Lincoln Lee = Peeta Mellark.  He's all lovesick and heartbroken over Olivia changing.  The Other Universe wants to exchange information on David Robert Jones, and Lincoln is eager to go over, or at least get out of this universe for a while.  He volunteers as tribute!  (The Hunger Games references will never stop, folks.)

Fauxlivia and the Two Lincolns end up teaming up to investigate a bunch of melted-face corpses.  Lincoln is very eager to help, cuz he's liking his woman as a redhead.  He'll take whichever Olivia he can get, poor guy.  While driving to the scene, Fauxlivia asks Lincoln what his middle name is -- Tyrone.  I find this hysterical.  So does Fauxlivia, who uses it to jone on Her Lincoln, who is mortified by the name.

I love the interactions between the Two Lincolns; Our Lincoln is trying to figure out how they came out so different.  You know, with Alt!Lincoln being such a confident badass.  But they share the same history as far as they can tell.  My personal theory?  It's the thigh holster.

The perp is a kind of shapeshifter, but one that's melting people's faces, unable to hold on to the new face for long, and uses some umbilical cord looking version of the shapeshifting device.  When the team catches the dude, Broyles informs Nina, because they are evil and working together.  Nina dispatches an assassin to take the dude out, but he shoots Alt!Lincoln instead.  Nooooo!  It's awesome to watch Fauxlivia snipe the assassin's ass though.  She rules!!  R.I.P. Alt!Lincoln.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  R.I.P. Thigh holster.  They catch Nina.

Lincoln offers to stick around to help Fauxlivia.  Awwwwwwww.  It'll be easier for both of them to have each other.  AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Notable Difference Between the Universes: Our Batman = Their Mantis.

This Week's Code: DREAM.  More like a nightmare with no more Alt!Lincoln. :(

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