13 April 2012


Let's watch Fringe whilst drunk, OK?  OK!  I always forget that I'm not supposed to drink on Fridays so I can watch Fringe.  Well, today I'm combining it.  Let's goooo!

But goddammit, we start with Awesome!Kickass!Lincoln's funeral.  SADDDDNESSSSS!

Fauxlivia is questioning Nina -- wants to know who David Robert Jones's mole in the Department of Defense is.   Nina ain't giving up shit, she's all "things are going to get worse."

Back to Our Universe.  Freak of the Week: Guy bitches out another guy in an office.  Guy gets pulled up to the ceiling and then crashes back to the ground, body broken.  His injuries (along with others') are consistent with those of a plane crash victim.

The plane crash happened on The Other Side, and killed their Our Universe counterparts as well.  Walter heads over to the Other Side to examine their bodies.  Lincoln's, like, fully on the Other Side now.  Good for him.  Walter spends the night at Fauxlivia's and she gets drunk reviewing Awesome!Lincoln's murder case.  He wears her robe and cooks her food to sober her up.  Awwwww I love me some Walter/Fauxlivia!!

Another car accident/random death happens in both Universes.  There's some device in the car, and that device is linked to DRJ.  

DRJ is hanging out in Broyles's house, and Broyles is pissed.  Looks like DRJ saved Broyles's son's life (or at least his eyesight?) in exchange for Broyles helping him.  Sonofabitch. Now DRJ wants Broyles to blow up the bridge that links the 2 worlds. 

With Walter's help, Fauxlivia suspects Broyles is the traitor, and she tricks Nina into confirming it.  But then Broyles turns himself in to Our Broyles!  Oh hell yes he does.  He's a good man.  Eff DRJ.  Walter heads back home.  He tells Peter and Olivia that DRJ is searching for a way to collapse both universes.  Dun dun dunnnnn.

On a Related Note:  You know who I wish was cast in Django Unchained instead of Jamie Foxx?  Lance Reddick.  Goddammit....

Walter's Line of the Week:  On seeing Peter and Olivia -- "Look - it's my son and his girlfriend."  AWWWWWWWW .  He also wanted to bring over a casserole to the Other Side in honor of Awesome!Lincoln.   He couldn't.  But he could bring over a severed hand.

This Week's Code: SIMON.  Who the eff is Simon?

Next Week:  We get more future shit?  Yes please!

Can I also say how hot Anna Torv is?  This is my favorite picture ever.  Thank you.

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