08 April 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes: Reunion

The Miz hosts the Reunion this year.  I don't know too much about wrestling, but I know enough to know that he's kind of a big deal.  Go figure.  I remember when he was Mike and he created that damn character on The Real World!

Johnny Bananas is the Ultimate Douchebag.  He uses the word gnarly.  And wears a tee shirt with his nickname on it.  Die.

As usual, Paula brings the hot-mess on the Reunion, because - shocker - her BF dumped her old ass after she was banging Ty and now she's alone.  Forever.  Spinster Paula is my favorite Paula.  She's literally hyperventilating/sobbing.  Jesus, woman.  Dead by next year?

Robin takes major offense at being called crazy.  Only literally-crazy people do that.  Mark might not actually be retiring, because the young people like him on the Twitters.  And that's it; nothing earth-shattering to see here.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Johnny Bananas lives with Kenny and Evan. Kenny has a "clothing line" called "Suck Yeah". He makes those Johnny Banana shirts. He is also making a Paula Walnut shirt soon. I'm going to go kill myself now...