03 April 2012


What am I going to do after Justified ends next week?  I mean, I'll have Mad Men, and Game of Thrones, and the crappy The Killing... nevermind, I guess I'll be alright.  Still, they're not Kentucky.

Last time we saw him, Quarles was tasered by Boyd, and now he's chained naked on the bed in a whorehouse, guarded by whores.  They all decide to get high, because that's a good idea....  At least they're listening to REO Speedwagon while they get high -- using a shotgun.  For real.  This show.  Love it. 

Boyd is awaiting the people from Detroit when Bubba's #2 Guy brings Dickie in to the bar.  Oh. Hell. No.  That's what Boyd says with his eyes.  Then he grabs him and throws him around, suffocating him with a plastic bag, punching him -- it's awesome.  #2 tells Boyd to stop so they can get their hands on the $3 million.  To get the money, they have to rob a bank.  Like Boyd's crew is out of The Town or something.  This won't be good.

Q escapes the high whores, because high whores aren't hard to escape when you have a length of chain available.  Wynn Duffy's panicked, because he promised Q to the Detroit Big Bad.  Boyd has the idea to blow Q up, using that explosion as a distraction for the bank job.  Ava cases the safety deposit room at the bank, while the cops are surveilling.  Boyd doesn't want Arlo and Ava doing the actual job though.  That doesn't sit well with Arlo, who is having visions of Helen.

Q goes to see Bubba, and Bubba knows everything Boyd's about to do - the plan with an explosive distraction and everything, since that's the Crowder M.O.  He tells Q to be there and hit the bank instead.  Q calls Wynn Duffy to meet him at the bank and get him in on it too.  Why do I have the feeling everything will go to shit and Wynn Duffy will be the one walking away with all the cash!?

Raylan visits Bubba and tells him Boyd is planning to rob the bank.  Then Bubba one-ups him on his knowledge, and says he heard Quarles is going to rob Boyd as soon as he comes out of the bank.  Raylan: "Christmas is coming early to law enforcement!"  Raylan is sure the money's no longer at the bank.

Boyd is suspicious and accuses #2 of setting him up.  Boyd ain't no fool, people!!  He's right; it's a setup and they're trying to get him locked up for good.  Because he's utterly crazy, Dickie gets the upper-hand when Boyd leaves the bar to find Ava, and holds a gun on #2, demanding to know where the money is.  They leave the bar together, followed by both cops and Bubba's #3.  Boyd had to leave to find Ava because she wasn't answering her phone -- Arlo held a gun on her and then locked her in a room.

So guess where the money is?  With Loretta!!!  Dickie locks #2 in the car trunk outside her house.  Raylan is waiting inside, since Bubba called him and told him where the money was.  Raylan lounging in a chair holding a gun is a thing of beauty.  Dickie ain't going back to prison, so he pulls on Raylan.  Boom.  Raylan shoots him, but he doesn't seem dead yet.  He's letting Loretta keep the money, per his deal with Bubba, he just tells her not to buy a new Lexus.

Q is getting high as shit in Wynn Duffy's RV, smoking oxy off foil, the classy way.  Bubba calls him and tells him to go to the bar and eliminate Boyd.  Wynn has Q's car rigged with explosives, but isn't setting them off yet, figuring he'd like Q to take care of Boyd first.  Just when you think all the pieces are coming together, they reassemble somewhere else!!

Q is getting even higher outside of the bar, when Boyd comes out to him.  Wynn explodes Q's car at the same time that Q shoots his sneaky arm gun at Boyd.  Boyd is at least knocked out and Q is on fire.  When the cops arrive, Q shoots Tom!!  Noooooo not Trooper Tom!!!!!!!!!  Raylan gets there, but Q is gone.

Damn, son, next week is gonna be crazy!!!!

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