10 April 2012


R.I.P. Trooper Tom.  Sadface.  The manhunt's on for Quarles!!  Raylan tracks down Wynn Duffy's RV for a game of Harlan Roulette.  He legit pulls the trigger too!!!  Twice!  It works too because Wynn tells him everything, including that he blew up Quarles.

Boyd is summoned by Bubba, drives up to the bridge, and is greeted by Bubba's Army.  Bubba returns his money, says they need to conclude their business, and alludes to Devil being missing.

Raylan's waiting for Bubba when he gets back, pissed that a cop is dead and he don't have shit to show for it.  Raylan draws 2 guns on him, but the Army is behind him, weapons drawn.  Bubba can't get him Quarles, but he can get him Boyd.  He knows where Devil was buried.

The new sheriff warns Boyd that he's being watched by the cops and they're looking for a body.  Boyd wants to know how Bubba could have possibly known about him shooting Devil -- someone in his measly little crew must have told.  And Arlo thinks he's talking to Helen all the time....  Damn you, Arlo.  Boyd is arrested and Ava's all upset, but staying strong.  She's already talking to Johnny about how they can solve the situation and avenge Boyd.  Johnny thinks it was Ellen Mae, so Ava goes and roughs her up.  Ava is officially a P.I.M.P.  HOSHIT!!!

Bubba cuts ties with his Number 2.  Hey, at least he just exiled him and didn't butcher him.  AND IT WAS JOHNNY THAT TOLD BUBBA ABOUT DEVIL!  You asshole!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Quarles is at a campsite taking a family hostage and hitching a ride.  He calls Adam Arkin and wants to know how he can come home -- it's gonna cost him 500 grand.  Then Quarles calls Raylan and they meet in the woods.  "You wouldn't by any chance have an ibuprofen on you, would you?"  LOL.  Q makes Raylan drop his gun and his phone with his "cute" arm gun, takes his ass hostage, and takes him to Bubba. Face off time!  Bubba keeps his money in his "piggy bank" -- a pig strung up for butchering.  Q tells Raylan that he didn't kill Trooper Tom, and while he's distracted, Number 2 comes back and shoots Q.  Then he shoots Number 2.  Then he pulls out the arm gun, Raylan blocks it, and Bubba chops his arm off with the cleaver!!!  I screamed for a minute straight, laughed, and rewound immediately.  Q was, like, reaching for his arm and Raylan pulls it away from him.  LOL.  Raylan asks Q who killed Tom -- it was Arlo.  Oh shit.

Raylan wakes him up and arrests him.  One of the guns Q had on him matched the one that killed Gary - yeah, cuz Raylan had it and Q took it off him.  Tidy.  While being questioned for Trooper Tom, Arlo confesses to killing Devil.  Nicely played.  Arlo's half-crazy, but I think he's half-sane too, and purposely is protecting Boyd.  He's like his son now.  (Meanwhile, Arlo shot Trooper Tom because he thought he was Raylan, or at least someone else threatening his boy Boyd.)

Raylan drops by Winona's to catch her up on things, and how he "disarmed" Quarles.  Love it.    Love this whole damn thing.  Great season.  Depressed it's over.

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