16 May 2012

My Life Is Awesome

So they're doing a zombie apocalypse thing at Petco Park - The Walking Dead Escape - during Comic-Con.  Check it out.  More details to come, but I picture it like Halloween Horror Nights combined with an obstacle course.  I've got tickets for Thursday at 9 PM and I'm soooooo excited about it!!  I'm going to run from zombies!!!!

Then check out this casting news.  He'll always be Chase Edmunds to me!  Glad he's getting more good roles!
The latest addition to the cast of Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 is James Badge Dale, who has signed on to play a villain called Savin. Despite the fact that the film starts shooting just weeks from now, Marvel has done a very good job keeping details of the plot quiet. There are rumors that Ben Kingsley is playing the Mandarin, and other rumors that the overall plot of the film involves nanotechnology and some version of the Extremis storyline from Marvel’s comic series.



Karen said...

You couldn't pay me enough to do that zombie thing. You are awesome...and brave! Yea for Chase!

Kim said...

Oh. my. god. i would shit myself.

Kim said...

no, no, i would crawl into a ball and scream.

Kim said...

you're fucking crazy for doing that.

Kim said...

i just shit myself even thinking about zombies.