28 September 2012


We only get 13 more episodes of Fringe.  And they're in the Observer-run year of 2036.  I really wanted to do a massive rewatch of Fringe while it was on break, but I didn't.  So maybe it's a goal for after this season then.

Once we get accustomed to the future and the team of Etta, Walter, Astrid, and Pacey working together, Etta determines that amber gypsies have taken Olivia.  I guess they go around cutting people out of amber and then selling them to family members.  She's not with the amber gypsies because the little midget bookstore dude bought her -- and uses her as a coffee table.  I'm not making this stuff up, people.

They get ambered-Olivia into the back of a van but then Observers and their army of human slaves show up.  Walter gets separated from the rest and captured.  Olivia is freed from the amber.  YAY hi Olivia I love you!!  Lovely Bishop family reunion ensues.  Well, except for Walter, who is being interrogated by Observers, and not very nicely.  He's def being mindraped.  Boo Observers.

So it seems the years before they all got ambered-up went like this -- Etta "died" or maybe just disappeared.  After losing their kid, Olivia and Peter split because they were sad, and also he was a pussy and she wanted to go save the world.  Before she ambered herself, Olivia was bringing Walter a device to unscramble the plan for defeating the Observers that September had put into Walter's mind.

Etta hooks the team up with her Resistance friends, who sneak them in to free Walter.  The thought device doesn't help them, because Walter's brain got all effed up during the mindraping.

This Week's Code: DOUBT.

OK, look, I'm all for any kind of Fringe.  Truly.  But I miss my little team solving Freak of the Week cases.  There, I said it.

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