20 September 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons

The Challenge is back so YAY but also who are half these people so BOO.  It's the Battle of the Seasons, but I've only seen Austin (LOL divorcees Melinda and Danny!), the original Las Vegas, and Brooklyn.  Oh lordy Devyn has had a lot of plastic surgery.  She looks awful.

Didn't see Back to New Orleans, Back to Las Vegas, Back to San Diego (Jesus, they just kept going back to places?), St. Thomas, or Cancun, though I know Jonna and Jasmine from prior Challenges.  So yeah, I don't know more than half these people.  But on the plus side, 45% of the guys appear to be gay.

Right before the challenge, we're suddenly introduced to a new team -- Team Fresh Meat.  Well, thank god, now I know more people.  Big Easy's lost 70 pounds, but that doesn't stop him from falling into the water, quitting, and DQ'ing.  Fresh Meat loses.  The Power Team is Cancun, and as such they get to choose which team goes against Fresh Meat, and they choose Team Austin.  The Power Team also gets to choose the type of game that's played, and they choose Physical.

The Teams each choose (or else have chosen for them) a guy and a girl to go into the... Arena, I guess?  I don't know.  Ever since The Hunger Games I think something called the Arena should be more awesome.

Frank is your first hot drunken mess, as he gets hilariously, slurry drunk and rages against everyone until passing out.  Jonna's suddenly in love with Zach, but - shocker - she just started seeing someone.  Won't stop her from calling the BF and dumping him instantly.  Class.

Lacey and Wes choose to go in for Austin and Eric and Cara Maria choose to go in for Fresh Meat (well, Cara Maria has second thoughts, but, hey, she volunteered.  No takebacks.).

The challenge involves the competitors tackling each other in an enclosed tube.  Cara Maria wins. Then Eric wins.  Because, well, it involves tackling in an enclosed tube.

Bye-bye: Lacey and Wes.  That's got to be some kind of record for Wes.

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Kim said...

did you scream when Eric pretty much picked Wes right up and rung his bell with his head? lol!