30 January 2011


The Team heads to the Massive Dynamic compound where they're working on the Peter Doomsday Machine. They've pretty much assembled the thing, they just can't get it to work. Except that when Peter walks into the room, the machine has a reaction and his nose starts to bleed. Your power source is here!

They run some tests and find Peter has an elevated heart rate, but that's about it.

Meanwhile, Walter's still on his quest to piece his brain back together, and asks for Nina's help. She finds a serum Bell developed and Walter snorts it quickly. Because he's snorted worse. Turns out it was 1 of 3 possible serums, and this one was made for a chimp.

Lucky Astrid gets to read through Fauxlivia's diary - and Peter must have been good, because he's all over that thing. No one wants Olivia to read it, including Peter - he doesn't want her to read it because it probably makes him look like a fool for believing Fauxlivia. Awww, someone doesn't want to look like a jackass.

Meanwhile meanwhile, a couple shapeshifters have turned up dead (with their storage discs removed), including the Massive Dynamic doctor who ran the tests on Peter.

The person who's killing shapeshifters is Peter in a hoodie, looking badass. Huh? What's he up to? When Peter sneaks into the last shapeshifter's house to kill him, the dude is ready for him. But Peter kills him, in spectacular fashion, meat-cleaving his fingers and spraying mercury everywhere. Love it! But seriously - why is he doing this?

Peter had solved Fauxlivia's code that told who the shapeshifters were - and he's been taking the data discs to try to figure out what's going on. Walter catches him killing the last one. Peter thinks it's all good because they're not human after all, they're Other-worldy soldiers. Walter's upset by it, and thinks that the machine has made him evil, but for now he keeps the secret and doesn't tell Olivia. I just think Badass Peter is BADASS!

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He prefers grape bubblegum. And bananas are his least-favorite fruit - mine too!

This Week's Code: ALTER.

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