02 January 2011

Baloney & Cereal Twenty-Ten Sillies: Movies

Well, I'm not able to see The Fighter or 127 Hours this weekend, but I think those movies are more about the performances anyway. So I'll just move ahead with my Best Of list. To be a great movie, you need to be something I want to see again, solid, and entertaining. This is my list of must-see movies for 2010.

9. Shutter Island. I didn't review this movie because I didn't see it until it was on the plane home from London. But it was creepy and cool. I even knew the "twist ending" in advance and I still really liked it. Man, I don't even like Leonardo DiCaprio and he's in 2 of my Top Movies. Maybe I like him now.

8. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Because this list needed a comedy.

7. Black Swan. It's beautifully-filmed, and should be seen for Natalie Portman's performance. Plus it's creepy and will stay with you for a while.

6. The Book of Eli. The best post-apocalyptic movie of the year. I loved the browned-out look of it, the coolness of Denzel Washington, and the ending that sticks with you.

5. Kick-Ass. Best superhero movie of the year. It's fun watching kids kick adult ass, but it was also a touching film.

4. The Social Network. The best Facebook movie of the year. The script and cocky asshole-ness of Jesse Eisenberg make for a great movie.

3. True Grit. The best Western of the year. A great movie populated by those bizarre Coen Brothers characters you love. Standout performances by Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and that new girl.

2. The Town. Best crime drama of the year. Exciting, great performances, and Boston accents!

1. Inception. This was simply the most original film of 2010. It's not a remake, it's not based on a book - this is all Christopher Nolan's genius. Stylish, slick, gorgeously-shot, and deep enough to warrant post-film discussion that makes you feel smart. It's brilliant and a whole lot of fun.

To round out a Top 10 list...

Best Movie I Never Saw But It Literally Haunts My Dreams:
The Human Centipede. I've had several nightmares about this movie, even before I watched the trailer. I'm obsessed with it, I've read everything about it, but I can't watch it. Actually, after watching the unedited 25-minute clip of Daniel Tosh explaining the movie, I think I could watch it some day. In the daytime, with a couple friends and a couple drinks. I think it's the kind of movie you can make fun of, view as a comedy... and hope it won't continue to haunt your dreams after......

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Karen said...

Yea!! I saw and loved your number 1 movie....and... that's it. :-)

Karen's Blog said...

You just like movies with Mila Kunis in them :)

AND for the love of God never ever see "The Human Centipede".

Bobby Z said...

Grown-up Kids Christmas : Bourbon, and Human Centipede ?

Bobby Z said...

Good list - Scott Pilgrim is awesome just watched it again last night - for some reason It bears repeated viewings.

You need to watch "Winters Bone" as far as oscar movies - its very good...