18 January 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Marcel's on the rooftop, raving, being an asshole, and doing his best "urban" impression. It's weird.

Elimination Challenge: No Quickfire, just an Elimination. You have 5 hours to catch as many fish as you can (in teams) and then cook 'em up. There's also a double elimination. The whole fishing thing is dumb - how does that prove you're a good chef? It doesn't. But I'll tell you what - I'm definitely going to Water Taxi Beach next time I go to NYC - fabulous view of the other side of Manhattan!!

There are lots of yummy-looking fish dishes (once they're cooked - I don't need to know anything more about a fish's bloodline). For some reason, Richard, Marcel, and Fabio decide to just make one dish among them. And it's not like it's a home run - they get slammed for it. Jamie's her usual bumbling self.

Winner: Carla. She made a lettuce wrap that was like a deconstructed smoked fish bagel. Carla rules!

Bye-bye: Tiffany and Jamie (finally!). This is Ginger Tiffany, not Black Tiffany. I'm fine with it - apparently her fish was kind of gross. So bye-bye, bitches!

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