31 January 2011

The Green Hornet

I saw this movie over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I'll say this - it's worth the price of admission just for a Christoph Waltz/James Franco scene at the beginning. After that, the rest is gravy. And I like gravy.

I hadn't been too thrilled to see this movie until I started hearing decent buzz (PUN!) on it. I was even a little afraid that my beloved Christoph Waltz had made a bad decision to play a cartoony villain. How dare I doubt him. The movie's funny, but not kid's-movie funny. Waltz is freaking hysterical. Inglourious Basterds kind of showcased his (darkly) humorous side, and it's on full display here. I always find Seth Rogen amusing, and Jay Chou is not just a hottie Asian - he's a funny hottie Asian. And I want one of him for my very own, to make me awesome coffee every day.

The movie's funny and cool and stylish. There's really only one glaring problem: Cameron Diaz. Though I have to say, I enjoyed the joke they made about her being old. Because she is. See - the movie laughs at itself -- and its old, hagged-out lead actors!

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