03 February 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Make a plate to be judged on aesthetics only. Guest judge Isaac Mizrahi (Bravo Cross-Promotion Alert!) isn't even going to taste the stuff! Of course Euro-Douchebag Angelo is into fashion. Gag. He models his dish after crocodile skin. Pretentious Euro-Douche. Our other Euro-Douche (the lovable one, Fabio) gets hella pretentious with a whole backstory for his dish, about a woman getting stuck in the rain. What the hell is this, Project Runway? Some people (Angelo) made some hella ugly stuff. And Antonia basically made kid's macaroni art with beans and nuts. Boo. Richard wins for his cool black ice cream thing. Immunity!

Elimination Challenge: Create a dish fit for some allegedly-famous Italian restaurateurs. I love me some Italian food, and there's a lot of good-looking stuff. The pasta dishes all looked good, but apparently they all tasted like crap. Damn, cuz the pasta guys were Mike, Dale, and Tre. One of my boys is going home.

Winner: Antonia and her mussels.

Bye-bye: Tre. Sadness! His risotto was allegedly too stiff. SADNESS!

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