04 February 2011


Freak of the Week: Guy gets a freaky cloth doll delivered to his office, which releases some kind of powder all over him. He starts collapsing strangely, and then - and this is awesome, classic Fringe, people - he falls bonelessly to the floor. Literally boneless. He's just skin in his clothes, no more bones, like they just turned to dust. Love it!

The team figures out who the sender is using post office footage and facial recognition software. You know what, they really do solve this crap quickly and easily, don't they? The killer is a soldier, and the dead guy was the scientist who oversaw an experimental weapons project the soldier was involved in. The soldier's pissed because his unborn daughter died 7 months into the pregnancy - because she had no skeleton. He's not working alone either.

The team finds the soldier at his house, but he's pwned by a car when he runs away into traffic. Walter looks up a former Cortexifan Kid. We thought we'd seen them all, but conveniently, no. I want to start assembling them like superheroes. This one has the ability to read minds (everyone's except Olivia's), and so they want him to read the comatose killer's mind. Wow, they really should just make a Super Team already. I hope someone can spin webs.

Cortexifan Kid pulls some stuff from the guy's head, including the name Project Jellyfish. There were 3 experimental subjects, all of whom couldn't have kids because their kids didn't have skeletons. The team finds evidence of the toxin manufacture on one guy's property (they're working on a mass delivery system), and they figure out they're going to attack a Senator's fundraiser at an art museum. (The Senator used to be involved in Project Jellyfish too.)

Olivia gets dressed up and puts on some foxy red lipstick, and takes Cortexifan Kid to the fundraiser with her. He identifies Killer #2, and Olivia shoots him dead after he draws first. They find Killer #3, and she shoots his ass right through the back of the neck as he's about to detonate. PWNED! And she looked hot doing it too. Rock on, Olivia.

Nina goes rummaging through William Bell's Storage Closet of Random Things, and finds a German edition of The First People. This is, of course, the book that talks about the Otherworldly Peter Death Machine. She gives it to Olivia, and they have a little girl talk about Peter. (Olivia says that Fauxlivia was just like her, only better. :( Not better, Olivia!!! Never!)

Olivia and Peter find some time to talk about things, of course. We don't have to bring this stuff up EVERY week, do we? He says that when he explained the differences between Olivia and Fauxlivia before, it wasn't that he was comparing them, or saying he preferred Fauxlivia. He was trying to explain that he DID notice a difference, but that he thought he was causing those differences, that Olivia was loosening up because of their relationship. You know how those uptight chicks are - they get some and they chill out.

In the end, her Cortexifan Pal tells her that he read Peter's thoughts, and gives her a note to read later.

Best news for last - KEVIN CORRIGAN IS BACK! Nina figures out some code while reading through The First People, and goes to see him at the bowling alley. He knows about the Otherworldly Peter Death Machine, and says that the fate of their universe depends on which Olivia Peter chooses. The one he chooses will survive. That's kind of weird. BUT WAIT!!! Olivia opens the envelope from her Cortexifan Pal and it says, "He still has feelings for her." Oh snap!

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He eats fried chicken so that he can use the bones to test out the powder. I will also note that Walter still plays the Punch-buggy game. Awesome.

This Week's Code: HATCH

Next Week: Back to the Other Universe!!! Yay! Charlie AND Lincoln!!!!

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