17 February 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Make cookies, which will be judged by Elmo and Cookie Monster. Enough schtick from the damn Muppets - I want to see some cookies!! Angelo and Michael have never made cookies before, so I am already 100% better than they are. Dale makes some freaking amazing-sounding no-bake cookies out of potato chips, pretzels, and chocolate ganache. I REALLY want him to marry me NOW. Dale wins!!

Elimination Challenge: Raid a Target in the middle of the night and create a dish for 100 employees. They have to get everything there - knives, rice cookers, cutting boards, tables, dishes, whatever they need.

There's a lot of soup being made. Dale re-creates dorm living and makes tomato soup cooked in a rice cooker and grilled cheese -- grilled with an iron!!!! MARRY ME!!

Antonia, Dale, and Richard all put forth the most effort, and were all in the top. Winner: DALE!!! Holy crap!! He won $25,000 for that freaking soup and iron-grilled cheese!!!! I LOVE THAT CRAZY BASTARD!!!

Bye-bye: Angelo for his salty-ass potato soup. I kind of felt bad for him - because he showed actual human emotion in the end - but then again YAY! No more Euro-Douche who wears knee-high black socks!!

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