14 February 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Create a unique fondue. They mostly look good -- lots of cheese, some chocolate, it's all good with me. The contestants judge each other, and Dale, Antonia, and Angelo are at the top. The winner is Dale and his Pho-ndue. Gotta give it up to him for the pun alone. Go Dale!

Elimination Challenge: Corporate Synergy Alert! Cook one of Jimmy Fallon's favorite foods for his birthday. The dishes they have to cook are chosen via Cell Phone Shootout, which appears to be a game played on Jimmy Fallon's show. Yes, Jimmy Fallon appears to have a show.

How is beef tongue one of his favorite foods!? PUKE! Antonia has to make that, otherwise people get things like burgers, Ramen noodles, chicken pot pie, and chicken and dumplings. Dale makes a cheesesteak on a pretzel roll and blows my mind. Dale, will you marry me!? They said it had too much salt. That's OK, I love salt. The marriage is still on. On a related note, Angelo's pulled pork sounded amazing, but I still hate him.

The show's a little annoying, and I blame the energy that Fallon brought. The contestants were even more attention-whorey than usual. Even Angelo was making up songs about beef tongue.

Winner: Carla. She also gets a cooking segment on Jimmy's show. She was the craziest of all of them this episode. Don't start annoying me, hon.

Bye-bye: Fabio. I'm OK with that, only because I was really sweating it out that Dale was gonna get the boot for his salt-fest. Fabio made a bad burger, so screw him.

P.S.: Thanks for the huge in-show commercial for Buitoni pasta, assholes.

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