19 February 2011


Freak of the Week: A haunted apartment building in Park Slope, which results in a bunch of people at a party falling to their deaths on the street below. Freaky.

It's not haunted though - it's coming apart - a tear in the Universe. The people didn't jump off the balcony, the balcony just disappeared beneath their feet for a bit and they fell through. The dead dude who appears to his wife isn't a ghost, he's from the Other Universe.

This was a great Walter episode - he gets hella bitchy and testy as he's investigating. I love unstable Walter. He's concerned that this "soft spot" will open up into a vortex, and he wants to be ready with some amber to encase the building and prevent the spread.

Olivia's not keen on starting the whole amber thing over in this Universe. So instead it becomes this whole thing about the woman grieving her dead husband on This Side and the man grieving his dead wife on the Other, and their inability to let go of each other. Look, the show has gotten hella touchy-feely lately, but this is a little crazy! It's all about feelings, people! All about feeeeeeeelingggggggs!

Anyway, the old couple resolves their feelings in the nick of time, and the amber isn't needed. But Walter knows this is all just a sign of things to come - more cracks in the Universe to come.

Here's the most important question to come out of this thing: Are there really old people named Derek? That was the old dude's name. Just seems like a younger name to me.

In the end, Olivia goes to see Peter and they go upstairs to hook up. We switch to the Other Universe, where Lincoln and Fauxlivia investigate a possible rift in their version of the apartment building. Hi, Lincoln!!

Fun Fact of the Week: The President doesn't like Broyles because Broyles beat him at golf.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Walter made loads of blueberry pancakes for Peter and Olivia, trying to get those 2 crazy kids together. Unfortunately, after tense relationship talk and a call from Broyles, they weren't hungry.

This Week's Code: HEARTS. See? It's all about feelings.

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