20 February 2011

I've Done It!

It came down to the wire, but I have now seen all 10 films nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Normally, there are some on the list that I don't have any interest in seeing, but since they all seemed good this time, I figured I'd try to see them all. I saw Winter's Bone, which is a dark, depressing movie about poor, dirty hicks... but it's good, I promise! The young lead, Jennifer Lawrence, is most definitely deserving of her Best Actress nomination - she carried the whole movie. And I finally got out to see The Fighter and loved it. It's pretty much your typical, feel-good sports film, but the performances are amazing. Christian Bale is just as good as you've heard he is - really disappearing into the role. Mark Wahlberg kind of plays Mark Wahlberg, as always, but he's great. Their family of sisters is hysterically crass, and their mother is a flaming bitch. I'm a sucker for foul-mouthed, working-class, Boston-accented families. They're awesomely horrible.

My Oscar Picks:

I still have to give Best Picture to Inception. No other movie made me leave it instantly wanting to see it again. No other movie sparked conversation and debate for months. Christopher Nolan not being nominated himself is Grade A Bullshit - the movie is amazing and original. Honestly, though, each of the 10 movies is amazing in its own way (I love how varied they all are!) and I can't be pissed if any of them win. (Unlike last year, when I would have thrown something out the window if Avatar or The Blind Side had won.)

Best Actor is tough - I've seen 4 of the 5. I actually just watched last year's A Single Man and think Colin Firth should have won for that, and that Jeff Bridges should win this year instead for True Grit. But since Jeff won last year, let's just call it even and give it to Colin.

I've only seen 3 of the Best Actress nominees, but that doesn't stop me from passing judgment and saying Natalie Portman should win for Black Swan. She was great - and has a decent history of great roles - plus I want to see her onstage in a fabulous dress with her baby bump. (It would be secretly great if Jennifer Lawrence won for Winter's Bone.)

Best Supporting Actor: I really, really wanted to give it to my boy Jeremy Renner -- until today when I saw Christian Bale in The Fighter. That son of a bitch has been amazing for years and it's about time he get the recognition!!

Best Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit. Now that I think about it, her role was kind of like Jennifer Lawrence's - tough, young girl and everything - it would be kickass for feminism if they both won. I just liked Hailee's role a lot and thought she really held her own with the likes of Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Honestly, Melissa Leo in The Fighter played a hateful role so well that she made me hate her too much. Also, she took out hella tacky "For Your Consideration" ads which knocked her down a couple notches. I'm rooting for the young bitch in this one.

The End.

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