28 February 2011


Flashback Episode - which means kickass 80s retro credits. You really have to love Fringe's dedication to the time period - low-quality audio on Betamax recordings, retro bag of Peanut M&Ms, all the old computer equipment. Love it!

Young Peter once tried to drown himself in an icy lake, thinking it would take him back home to Earth 2. There's lots of, "You're not my mother and you're not my father!" drama. Wow, so this poor kid knew he was stolen -- but at some point he must forget or something, right? I guess I should have realized he'd know he was kidnapped, and that he didn't belong - but I suppose I figured he'd kind of developed amnesia or something as a result of his illness or the crossover.

Walter's conducting his experiments on his kids in Jacksonville, and Little Olivia's being beaten by her stepfather. She crosses over for the first time when she runs away from him. Walter figures out fear is the key, and so frightens poor Olivia until she unleashes a fireball in the lab and disappears.

Other Universe. Walternate and his wife are dealing with the aftermath of Peter's mysterious kidnapping. Walternate works for Bishop Dynamic, where there's a space shuttle launching pad outside his window. He also drinks a lot. (Whereas, in Our Universe, Peter's mom develops the taste for booze when she can't stand lying to Peter.)

Our Universe. Young Peter finds Young Olivia hiding out in a white tulip field. OK, it's weird that they met each other and don't remember. These kids better develop amnesia in a couple years or something. Then again, my memory sucks... but I never had a traumatic fireball incident either. I'd probably remember everything surrounding that.

Olivia confesses to Walter that her stepfather hits her, and that that's when she crosses over to the Other Universe. Unfortunately, she crossed over right before going into the office, so really she confesses to Walternate. And that's how Walternate came to know about the Other Universe.

This Week's Code: SWITCH.

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