02 March 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Create a deep-fried dish for Paula Deen. I'm pretty sure Paula just said she's deep-fried balls of butter before. I guess that doesn't shock me. Michael wins for a dish that Richard accuses him of plagiarizing from him. Whatever, Richard - don't show a fellow competitor your secret notebook and he can't steal from you. It's a competition.

Elimination Challenge: Make Gulf Coast seafood and Southern food for a fundraiser - and do it paired with a former contestant. Disappointingly, there's no good drama with the pairings. Damn.

Winner: Richard and his fish/pulled pork combination, which sounds gross but apparently wasn't.

Tiffany, Carla, and Dale are in the bottom and I'm sweating it out that Dale's a goner with his cruddy stew. How can he be so good one week and crappy the next? Damn this show!

Bye-bye: Dale. And that sound you just heard was a cry of agony. GODDAMMIT!!!!!

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