18 March 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Prove your consistency by creating 100 identical dishes in an hour. They work in pairs so it ends up being Boys v. Girls. Tiffany and Antonia make a beef tenderloin salad while Michael and Richard make fresh pasta and bolognese sauce. The Girls win in an upset.

Elimination Challenge: Make lunch on a deserted island - and use conch, which you must catch yourself. Oh god, we don't need to see these chefs in swimming suits. It's gross.

Richard made sweet potato "linguine" with conch and lobster. Antonia's seared snapper with conch tartare was apparently hella spicy (but in a good way). Tiffany made conch and coconut chowder plus conch ceviche - and her chowder came out cold. Michael was heavy-handed with the butter, but his banana leaf wrapped grouper with braised pineapple and conch vinaigrette sounded the best to me, plus really incorporated local ingredients.

Winner: Michael. Awesome!

Bye-bye: Tiffany. With her cold and too-sweet soup, that makes sense. She definitely didn't belong in this Final Three.

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