04 March 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Jesus. Do actors get any more charismatic than Matt Damon? I mean, the man has such an easygoing humor about him - you just can't help but be charmed! In The Adjustment Bureau, he plays a character who is essentially Matt Damon running for Senate, so right away you love him.

The movie is about fate and chance and The Chairman/God who has a Plan for all of humankind. It doesn't get too deep about that stuff though - it deals with it more in a slick way, as an excuse for awesome foot chases and cool hats. I felt at times like they were holding back from the story because they thought the audience would be too dumb to really go with it. And they're probably right. But you can't go wrong with a good Matt Damon film where he gets to be a heroic and charming.

For sure, the movie is more romance than sci-fi -- more about the whole "meant to be together" thing and if it's worth the risk. But it's still very cool. The whole design of the movie is cool, like the way that the Adjustment Bureau's Observer-types navigate the NYC streets. Oh yes, and Anthony Mackie is in it. And Anthony Mackie just plain rules.


Mary said...

this movie has been delayed and i notice that the theme of the movie seems to have changed from the original trailers to the new trailers now that it's finally releasing. i'm guessing they shot too smart and had to delay so they could dumb it down.

KM said...

"they thought the audience would be too dumb to really go with it"

God bless America!

Atlanta Roofing said...

The video of when Matt Damon gets on the bus and looks at Emily Blunt’s legs is just about the hottest piece of video out there at the moment. Notice how all movies that make tremendous profits include great leg of foot scenes. This was a genius marketing ploy on behalf of the maker’s of Adjustment Bureau. Showing Emily’s fantastic legs in sheer black pantyhose is going to bring in millions of movie goers. Amazing how something so simple will make so much money for the studio and equally amazing is the fact that there are a couple of studios that might not “get” the attraction of black nylons on the viewers and the profits to be made from that attraction.