07 March 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

No Dale. I can't go on.

Quickfire Challenge: Make a dish using ingredients from a snack bar - on a ferry to Ellis Island. Lots of nasty food ensues, especially Mike's bread soup. Carla wins for some sliced oranges, and catty "Sour Grapes" Richard is bitter. He's a sore loser.

Elimination Challenge: Create a dish based on your ancestry.

Mike made some amazing-looking gnocchi. Antonia made some amazing-looking veal and risotto. I'm all about the Italians at this point. Tiffany made short ribs, but then they were accompanied by pig's feet, so that killed it for me. Richard threw some fried bone marrow in with his meat, but it was all allegedly amazing. At that point, Carla's the only one left, and they've all hit it out of the park. But she makes braised pork shoulder, grits, and biscuits, so how can you go wrong? Damn, lots of good food tonight, and no clear mistakes.

Winner: Antonia. Then Mike is safe, then Richard. And then they keep Tiffany and Carla too. Of course they did. How convenient. They allegedly couldn't decide. Hey, you're gonna have to cut them at some point, why keep waiting? So it's 5 for the Finale in the Bahamas.

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