18 March 2011


I'm so ready for the craziest show on television to get crazier. Possession? Sure, why not.

The Team is studying Bell-livia - Olivia is possessed by William Bell while Olivia's consciousness is sleeping. Peter wants him out already because, let's face it, he doesn't want to bang Olivia like this. Bell just needs 48 hours to find a new host for his consciousness. No worries, he says, Olivia's just sleeping and will be fine.

Freak of the Week: (Yes, on this show, Bell-livia does NOT count as the Freak of the Week) A woman who can't die.

Special Agent Lincoln Lee (yay!) is investigating the woman, who was murdered 18 months ago (for the first time anyway). Since then, she has been at the scene of several suicides -- when the other person dies, she sucks their life force and doesn't die.

I can't say I entirely followed what this woman's deal was, but she has been trying to die and can't. She met a guy who for some reason confessed to her right before he killed himself that he had planted a bomb on a train. Then she went to sit in the exact seat, hoping that the bomb finally kills her, that dying with a lot of people will help seal the deal.

The Team figures all of this out, including that she's sitting on a train bomb. I'll just chalk that up to the awesome deductive powers of Lincoln Lee. Plus the fact that the bomb dude left an invoice for plastic explosives in his bathroom. That's smart.

The Team stops the train, but the woman runs off with the bomb. It explodes safely out in a field and she finally dies. Lincoln goes back to the Hartford office, but I hope to hell they call him back to work with them again!!

Bell-livia rules because she wears black turtlenecks, raises her eyebrow, and mildly hits on Astrid. And it was SO much fun to see Walter get along with his old partner, with their inside jokes and recreational drug use.

All Peter and Bell-livia conversations have zero eye contact on his part - it's awesome. He's super annoyed. When they're having a conversation at the end, they hear church bells in the distance. At that point, Olivia awesomely comes out for a second, Peter gets happy, and then Bell's all, "Oopsie, maybe it's more complicated than I thought." Love it!

This Week's Code: ERODE.

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