21 March 2011

The Event

Thomas receives a response to the message he sent - that something terrible happened back home. He calls Sophia to tell her that the message is game-changing, and they all need to gather to discuss.

Hal Holbrook is picking out "special" girls at the playground, in the creepiest old man way possible.

That Annoying Prick Sean demands to know who The Chick is working for. He threatens the release of her family's address on the internet. Guess what - there are a lot of addresses on the internet. Jesus Christ. But this works, and she tells him Hal Holbrook's name, and that the Vice President was behind the assassination attempt.

They drive to see the VP in Washington (no, really). From a diner, Sean hacks the guest list to a DC party (sure, right) and then next thing you know Sean and That Chick are barging into some random couple's room and assuming their identity for the party (fingerprints and all - Jesus Christ, this show). That Sean - his hacking knows no bounds.

They get into the party and confront the VP with their plastic gun -- they want the proof to put away Hal Holbrook. Sean puts the gun all up in the VP's neck and is all "I'm a crazy guy! I'll do anything!" Douche. The VP says Hal Holbrook is in France. Perfect - Sean should be able to drive there in 3 hours.... The Secret Service bust in and Sean and That Chick get away. Of course they do. On the road to France, no doubt.

Meanwhile, the Government finds out Sophia's location, and follow her to the Alien Meeting To Discuss The Message That Must Be Discussed In-Person. Leila follows her Alien Guardian too so now she's in the meeting. I hope the Government decides to bomb the place!

And this all-important message that came from the Home Planet? Their Sun has started going supernova, and the planet is less than a year from being uninhabitable. Time to bring everyone to Earth.

Marines swarm the building, preparing to attack. Build up. Suspense. And then nothing.

Guess what happened in this episode? Nothing. They keep teasing that damn image of the Washington Monument crumbling - bring it on, dammit!

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