14 March 2011


We open with Walter smoking weed with Hurley. This is gonna be a good episode!

Hurley's just a security guard whose sole purpose is to tell Walter which office was William Bell's. Well, that was disappointing. Walter raids the office, on a rampage to try to save our Universe. He says he needs Bell's help, and wants to contact him by using "soul magnets".

Freak of the Week: Guys that are essentially giant helium balloons. They are 2 masked guys repelling from a building, and when one is shot by a guard, he escapes his weighted gravity boots and floats weightless. It's a pretty cool effect when the team investigates the body and it's floating around and tethered in the lab.

Eventually, the body drops to the ground and is super-heavy. The helium guy who escaped starts bleeding from the eyeballs and then dies. He was the subject of an experiment in anti-gravity, conducted by one Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Cameron starts dismembering the body. Jesus Christ, Cameron! Peter and Olivia arrive to the gruesome scene and find a walk-in freezer full of dismembered bodies. Jesus Christ, show!

Speaking of those two, Olivia and Peter are officially a couple now. I guess I just have to accept it and move on. Walter's happy about it, Nina's happy about it, so I'll be happy. They're very happy-couple-y, all with the dating-while-investigating and holding hands in the hallway.

The bodies all have a high concentration of some precious metal, which was the metal the 2 thieves were breaking into the building to steal. The deceased were also all confined to wheelchairs before participating in the experiment. And now Cameron has taken to preying upon more handicapped guys, looking for new subjects.

Cameron injects a new subject, who floats out of his chair. He then tells the guy it's only temporary because he needs more of that mystery metal, and the guy volunteers to steal it. We find out that Cameron's son is also confined to a wheelchair, and the reason for his experiments.

Floating Thief #3 helps Cameron break into the Museum of Science in order to steal some meteorites that have the metal. Unfortunately for them, the Fringe Team is also heading there to get a sample of those meteorites, and they're nicked.

In the end, Peter comes clean with Olivia and tells her about his side project - studying the data discs from the shapeshifters he killed. And Walter determines that the way to communicate with William Bell's soul is through his, well, bell. He rings it and awaits Bell's return communication. While Peter and Olivia are talking, OLIVIA CHANNELS WILLIAM BELL!!!!!!!!! Holy crap - she's possessed by him! Anna Torv is officially playing her third character on this show!!!!!!!!!! She doing a full-blown impression of Spock! I love it!!!!

OMG - next week she's still possessed and Lincoln's over here!!!!!!!! I'm squeeing!! This show is so effed up!!!!

This Week's Code: EARTH.

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