27 March 2011


Let me first say "Thank you" to FOX for showing faith in Fringe and renewing it. You guys rock, and I'll have your babies.

We're in the Other Universe with pregnant Fauxlivia being tested for some disease that killed her sister in childbirth and will kill the mother and possibly the baby (it turns out she is a carrier). She's also busy being kidnapped immediately following her appointment. She's taken to a makeshift medical facility where random stuff is done to her. Whatever it is, it doesn't look good. There are injections and glowy things.

Bubbles the Taxi Driver is back! He's been following Fauxlivia because he's been concerned, especially since she doesn't know who he is. He makes Lincoln more suspicious of his idea that the Olivias could have been switched. Lincoln confronts Walternate, who confirms the switch. He also fills Lincoln in on the future-grandchild thing, and says he's worried that the kidnapping could be directed at him.

Soon, the baby (it's a boy!) looks like it's trying to bust through Fauxlivia's stomach. This machine that looked a lot like a dental x-ray machine apparently cooks babies like a microwave cooks turkeys, because suddenly Fauxlivia is full term. But even full term, Fauxlivia kicks ass, and fights her way out. She escapes into Chinatown and gets a call in to Lincoln to tell him she's giving birth. Bubbles drives him, and they help her deliver. Lincoln tells Fauxlivia he loves her, and I really thought she was going to die. Lincoln was crying, I really thought this was over. But both Fauxlivia and Baby Boy survive.

Lincoln and Charlie continue to be an awesome team. And now they're both really suspicious about Walternate and what else he's done behind their backs.

And he's doing a lot behind their backs - he was responsible for Fauxlivia's kidnapping. Dun-dun-dun.

This Week's Code: FATED.

A) No new episodes for 3 weeks!

B) Only 4 left!

C) Next up: the team uses LSD to enter Olivia's mind. LSD always brings about great things on this show!

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