24 March 2011

Top Chef All-Stars: The Finale... Almost

Quickfire Challenge: They each have to do a separate "Best of" challenge. Antonia has to work with canned goods, Richard has to make something with hot dogs, and Michael has to do one-pot cooking. Then they have a twist halfway through - Michael can't use utensils or hand tools, Richard can only use one hand, and Antonia has to have Carla glued to her side. Michael wins for the 1000th time in a row.

Final Challenge: Create a "last supper" for a culinary icon. Michael chose Michelle Bernstein, and then assigned Morimoto to Antonia and Wolfgang Puck to Richard.

Michelle wants fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy. Wolfgang wants goulash and apple strudel, and Morimoto wants - go figure - Japanese food. Poor Antonia.

Michael mixed things up and did an empanada instead of a biscuit, but Michelle still liked it. Richard's stuff looked good. This final challenge didn't seem as big as the final challenges of the past. I don't know - didn't they always have to make 5 course meals? Although these chefs had no help, and I think in finales they usually are given old contestants as sous chefs.

BUT WAIT. That's not the final challenge - only 2 will move on. Jesus, this is the longest finale! There have been like 56 stages! I guess I missed Stage No. 42.

Richard is deemed safe, and then we come to Stage 7,432. Antonia and Michael have to make a one-bite dish for all of the judges. Jesus Christ.

Bye-bye: Antonia. I wasn't even paying attention. I'm mostly pissed that I thought LAST week was the finale, and then thought THIS week was the finale, and I was wrong both times. Give me my goddamn finale!!

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