15 March 2011

The Event

Thomas and the aliens he broke out of the Alaskan prison are riding through some neighborhood in a bunch of big, black SUVs. Apparently they own all the homes in this little subdivision. He wants everyone to work on the portal to bring other aliens here.

Sterling's back at work already. Damn. I guess it makes sense - he looks like a zombie already, so he probably doesn't need his blood. Alien Asian Hottie sure does have a lot of access to the President. How the hell does he get to sit at the table? What's his job again?

Michael drops his miserable daughters off with some couple, the female of whom is Andrea from 90210 and the male of whom is an alien. Then Michael and Sophia go to meet up with this dude who has half of his face melted off to try to find Thomas. They torture him until he spills that he's supplying Thomas with uranium to power the array, and that he plans to get the uranium from a nuclear power plant. Turns out, Melted Face and Thomas have tried this before - with Chernobyl. Dun dun DUN! Sophia tells the President so they can work to remove the uranium from the facility.

I can't even discuss Leila digging through an overnight bag to find her sister's blanket. A blanket that took up the whole overnight bag. I get the feeling sometimes that actress doesn't know what to do with her hands. I hate her. I also hate That Annoying Prick Sean, who is drowning his sorrows at a bar. The chick next to him actually says to the pushy guy she's with, "You're not the boss of me!" - really? people who aren't 5 say that? - and Sean intervenes in their fight. Much crappy "fighting" ensues. And then he breaks into a woman's house and eats from her refrigerator. Wait. I feel like I lost time somewhere there - he just left the bar I guess? He knows this woman, but I don't know who she is. He wants her help to run away to Mexico. Careful, dude, they behead people there. Actually, go for it, Sean! Let me help you!

The government works on moving the nuclear material, but Thomas had set that whole thing up precisely so that they WOULD move it - and so they can hijack the truck. And Melted Face is really good at breaking out of handcuffs using electrical wire from a live outlet whilst not getting electrocuted. As Thomas and his crew descend upon the convoy, Melted Face attacks Sophia (Thomas told him to kill her). Michael comes in and kills Melted Face, and Thomas is successful in getting the uranium out of Alien Asian Hottie's incapable hands. (Seriously, what is his job!? Now he's escorting uranium!?)

Hey, remember that sexy brunette chick who was working with D.B. Sweeney and Hal Holbrook? Yeah, I don't really either. But Sean does and he shows up at her house too. He really likes breaking into chicks' houses - good thing they all live near each other, huh? He wants to know who she works for, how to stop them, blah blah blah.

This show is such a pointless mess!

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