09 January 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Daddy Tom comes out to cook a dish as quickly as he can, and then the other chefs have to make something within that time period. In 8 minutes and 37 seconds, he shucks some clams, fillets a fish, chops some veggies, and cooks it all up. Go Tom! Poor Dale ended up with like 2 limp egg noodles, and Jamie had 1 clam. A few of the fish dishes looked really good though. Winner: Mike, who had one of the good fish dishes.

Elimination Challenge: Take over a Chinatown restaurant to serve dim sum during the lunch rush. And they have to work as a team. Dim sum makes me puke. Chicken feet. Turtles. Frogs. No thank you, I'll just have the vegetarian stuff.

Dale and Angelo should kill this challenge, as they both do Asian/dim sum. And they do.

Did you know that you have to cut the nails off of the chicken feet? Because you do. Casey's chicken feet turn out to be a disaster, maybe because she had to run food while someone else finished it, maybe because THEY'RE CHICKEN FEET! Dim sum service was total mayhem, with a ton of hungry, testy old Chinese people and chefs taking too damn long to plate their stuff. Since service was a disaster, you know they're gonna get yelled at -- and throw each other under various buses.

Winner: Dale. YAY! I love him, because I love how he's all, "We're morons, we sucked tonight, no one should have won."

Bye-bye: Casey. Wow. That's awful. Jamie escapes again and CASEY has to go? But I guess if you're just judging on the one dish and not how eternally-awesome someone is, then it's life. Her thing was inedible. Ugh.

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