19 September 2010

The Town

I've been anticipating The Town for a long time now. Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, guns, and Boston accents? Um, yes please, sign me up.

It's a really great, gritty, grown-up movie (I don't want to say adult movie - that sounds like something totally different). There are some great action sequences and great performances. I'm really liking Jon Hamm as a heroic suit - I can see a lot more of that in his future. Jeremy Renner, as always, is cool with that air of "I'm freaking psycho" boiling just below the surface. He rules. And honestly Ben Affleck made me forget he was Ben Affleck - he was pretty damn good. And considering he directed too, he had his hands full.

The story is definitely your standard cops-and-robbers story, with a bad guy trying to escape the life, falling for a girl, etc., etc. But the performances and the Boston setting really elevate it and make it enjoyable. Like I said, a great adult film. Wait, there should probably be a comma after great....

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