30 September 2010


We're back in our Universe, so we get a Freak of the Week: Some guys hold a family hostage while digging in their basement, uncovering a metal box. Once opened, the box scrambles their brains and makes them bleed out of their noses, everyone (including the family) but one.

We find out that Faux-livia has been working with Newton (remember, the dude with the transplanted head who looks like Gordon Ramsay?) to review files and videos on Olivia, the team, pop culture in general, etc.

The Team works to review Walternate's Doomsday Machine blueprints, Pacey and Olivia drink and dance, and then the team is called to the House of Nosebleeds. Faux-livia knows that it's an Other Universe device, tells Newton, and works outside of the team to investigate.

Walter figures out the cause of death was soundwaves -- "silent but deadly". Naturally, Walter links this to his farts. Naturally.

The guy with the deadly box follows Faux-livia to her house, so he can return it to the proper authorities. Turns out he's deaf, which would be why the frequency didn't kill him. Newton comes over to collect the box and tells Faux-livia to kill Deaf Guy, which she does. Shoots him right in the back of the head, and drags him through her apartment -- until Peter knocks on her door. She feigns being in the shower, stashes the body, and then lets him in. In order to distract him from the blood seeping into the living room beneath the bedroom door, she makes out with him on the couch, but they're interrupted by a call from Broyles.

For some reason, Newton took the box down to a subway station and left it with a freaky tiny little homeless dude, who opened it, killing a bunch of people. They know the dude took the box with him down the subway tracks. So Peter volunteers to suit up, SWAT-team style, and is made temporarily deaf by Olivia shooting her gun right next to each ear. That was cool. He finds the little dude... and a second later the dude's head explodes. CHRIST!

Peter grabs the box and recognizes the markings on it as markings from the Doomsday Machine, meaning it's from the Other Universe. He can't close the box, so instead works to disarm it. Didn't realize he had that ability, but sure I'll buy it. But wait - there's a subway train coming! Jesus, it's a Thrill a Minute here. Faux-livia pushes him out of the way and all is good. When Peter reviews the blueprints, he sees the device on them.

In other news, Walter and Nina receive their gifts from Bell's will. Walter's is a note that says "Don't be afraid to cross the line" and a key to a safety deposit box. Would some cash have killed you? At the end of the episode, Walter heads to the bank to get the box. The contents? Massive Dynamic stock. Like, all of it. He's the sole shareholder now. SILLY!

Grossout of the Week: DID I NEED A CLOSE-UP OF THEM PULLING OUT BRAINS? NO I DID NOT! That or the head explosion - either one.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Chocolate milk. As in, he's trying to make Gene the Cow produce chocolate milk. Also bacon-flavored pudding. Why does he mention that? In answer to "What would surprise you?" "Bacon-flavored pudding, that would surprise me."

This Week's Code: ALERT.


Anonymous said...


JayBah said...

So we got chocolate milk, raspberry jam (on his tie) and bacon pudding. We're going with chocolate milk and raspberry jam since you can't buy bacon pudding anywhere (yes, we checked).

Anonymous: He will always be Pacey. And speaking of retards, the proper way to type that would have been "For God's sake, his name is Peter Bishop, not Pacey. God, are you a freaking retard?" Note the punctuation.

jayemarr said...

Yeah there is no way I'm eating bacon pudding. Technically the only thing he ate during the episode was raspberry jam (off his tie). But he did mention he was trying to make the cow make chocolate milk.

I'm also glad that we don't have to eat brains.

Anonymous: maybe you should consider switching to decaf?

Juju said...

Wow, and I only called him Pacey once here. That was an oversight - should've been 3 times. In a world where Joshua Jackson himself holds Pacey-Con, I feel free to continue the Pacey love. :) (Meanwhile, full disclosure: I never even watched Dawson's Creek, but he will still always be Pacey to me.)

ANYWAY, just because you can't BUY bacon pudding certainly doesn't mean you can't MAKE it! What's wrong with crumbling up a little bacon on top of a Snack Pack? :) Better than brains....

JayBah said...

There are actually a lot of recipes for bacon pudding out there. Where do we draw the line? We did cough syrup milkshakes, but Walter actually tasted that. So the line was drawn at the fact that he only mentions bacon pudding and not in a "I really want some" kind of way (thank GOD). But yes, given the choice between that and deli counter brains, I'd take the bacon pudding.