16 September 2010

Top Chef: Finale

Final challenge: Make the four-course "meal of your life." Hmmmm. Vague much? They have to make a vegetable course, a fish course (using some local fish), a meat course (using duck), and a dessert.

Each of the chefs gets a previous Top Chef winner as a sous chef. Kevin gets Michael Voltaggio (and they're friends), Angelo gets Hung (that's a good match, both in style and douchiness), and Ed gets Ilan. OMG, I totally forgot Ilan actually won. He sucks, and Ed got the short end of the stick there.

Angelo gets siiiiick. No, really? Eating in Singapore makes you sick? Shocker! It means Hung does all of the shopping and a lot of prep, and Angelo's fine on the actual final day, after taking it (a needle) up the ass.

There are no disasters, and everyone makes good food. It's all pretty equal, though at this point Kevin seems to be getting the least amount of semi-negative comments.

Winner: Kevin. WOW! Talk about a Dark Horse. He kinda came out of nowhere. Or maybe he was just buried in that sea of Smooth Brothers at the beginning.

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